"What's this supposed to mean?! Why do I have to introduce the characters?!"
(this gets updated as the story continues, be careful of spoilers)

           AGE: eight? | GENDER: male | RACE: toy (teddy bear) | HEIGHT: 146 cm

Chapter One: Er, what's there to say about myself?
Chapter Two: Kurtis says I'm eight years old. I don't really trust his word, but something about that number does ring a bell. I can only take a human form when Angelina's asleep. It's frustrating because Angelina needs my help when she's awake, too.

           kurtis rawhead
           AGE: thirteen | GENDER: male | RACE: ? | HEIGHT: 158 cm

Chapter One: I don't trust this guy and I hate his attitude. He seems to know Angelina?
Chapter Two: If I wasn't certain that I can't stand his attitude, then I know for sure I hate him now. However, despite saying he won't help me, he's...helping. He seems knowledgeable, I can use him for information.

           angelina lamberte
           AGE: ten | GENDER: female | RACE: human | HEIGHT: 141 cm

Chapter One: I'll find her! I'll get her back no matter what!
Chapter Two: She's a cry baby and gets bullied in school for that. For an unknown reason, all the girls in her class refuses to talk with her. A boy named Richard takes advantage of her and bullies her whenever he can. At home, her parents are constantly arguing.

           richard byrne
           AGE: eleven | GENDER: male | RACE: human | HEIGHT: 148 cm

Chapter Two: Angelina once brought me to school and in order to make her cry, he cut my arm off. I really wish I could punch him a few times.

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